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Terms and conditions of use

General conditions


Eintegra Technology Consulting 2020 S.L. (Esmovil.es) is a company dedicated to the wholesale of compatible and original spare parts for mobile phones, tablets and consoles, as well as all kind of tools related to the devices repair.

These items are very susceptible to handling because they are microelectronic items, hence they may not work properly due to an incorrect handling or a poor protection from electrostatic electricity. As these are highly sensitive products, any misuse can cause failure or malfunction.

To handle such items, the use of EPIS or devices to avoid electrostatic energy (such as gloves, gowns, anklets, wrist straps or any antistatic accessory) is mandatory in order to operate without risks.


How to place your order?

You can place your order in a simple and agile way using three different procedures:

  1.        From our website, www.esmovil.es. If you are a distributor, after a previous registration and the presentation of the necessary supporting documentation, you can access to our catalogue of articles (+10,000) and get discounts in our products.
  2.        Through our personalized customer service, where you will be attended by a salesperson who will help you resolve any doubts that may arise and advise on the purchase process.
  3.        By Whatsapp,through the phone numbers available in our web platform www.esmovil.es.


Payment Methods

The company offers different forms of payment that allow the customer to choose the one that best suits their needs:

  1.        Transfer or deposit into account.
  2.        Cash.
  3.        Credit card. Visa or Mastercard.
  4.        Cash on delivery. With a supplement of 1.75€ + VAT.
  5.        PAYPAL. With a supplement of 3.40% of the amount + 0.6€.
  6.        Direct debit. Only for regular customers and after the previous approval of the insurance company.


If you are from Granada and you want to pick up your order, you only have to indicate it on your web order or to your assigned sales assistant and in 15 minutes it will be ready for you to pick it up.

All our shipments will be made through different agencies, all with a 24-hour delivery commitment in the Peninsula. It is the client who, during the purchase process, decides which agency is most suitable to receive the order.

Each agency has different services detailed below:


Only for Granada and surroundings. The orders placed before 1:30 PM will be delivered during the afternoon of the same day, being the cost 2.5 € + VAT For shipments over € 100 + VAT the shipment will be free of charges.

The shipments made during the afternoon will be delivered throughout the next morning, being the cash on delivery service exempt of charge.

In addition, the RMA packages can be returned free of charge.


  1.        24 hours delivery. Orders placed before 7:00 PM of the current day will be delivered throughout the morning of the following day, with a cost of 4.75€ + VAT. Spare parts will be sent free of charge for orders over € 100 + VAT. Regarding the mobile phones, the shipment will be free when buying a minimum of 3 units. Service only available for the Peninsula.


  1.        Same day delivery. Everything ordered before 11:45 AM will be delivered the same day between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM, with a cost of 6.5€ + VAT. Shipping will be 4,75€ + VAT for orders over 150€ + VAT. This service is available only for Andalusia and for areas that have an MRW delegation within 15 Km. In the case of shipments to Madrid, the deadline to place the order will be 10:00 AM and the conditions will be the same as for Andalusia.


  1.        Saturday shipments. Service dedicated to professionals who need an urgent delivery on Saturday at a cost of 9.90€ + VAT. Available for Spain and Portugal, except the islands, Ceuta and Melilla.


  1.        Ceuta and Melilla. These shipments are special, as they must go through customs and bear an extra cost of 15€ + VAT in concept of DUA, added to the shipping fees. Normally, the delivery is made in 48h-72h, but may be delayed depending on the customs procedures.


  1.        Canary Islands. This service is special, since in addition to customs, there is a special tax of the area called IGIC, which will be paid by the customer. The shipment usually arrives in 3-4 business days. The price of the shipment will depend on the weight, so you will need to contact us to obtain the exact price of your shipment.





  1.        24-hour service. The amount is 5.50€ + VAT for shipments in the Peninsula.




  1.        24- hour service. The cost will be 4.75€ + VAT in the Peninsula.
  2.        Delivery service on Saturday, with a charge of 12.50€ + VAT.

Any order with cash on delivery payment method made with the mentioned transport agencies (MRW, NACEX and Chronoexpress) will have an over cost of 1.75€ + VAT in all Spain (except Ceuta and Melilla).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is any incidence or breakage with any of these agencies, like a damaged or missing package, it is essential to report the incident to esmovil.es, using the phones available on the web, the direct phones of our sales assistants or through any of the available emails. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO TAKE MORE THAN 24 HOURS from the reception of the order, since after this period the agencies do not take care of the possible incidents.

After communicating the incident, we will proceed to reimburse or re-send the damaged material or the missing package.


Return conditions or warranty (RMA)

It is essential for the process of the guarantee to fill in the RMA form, which can be downloaded from the "Returns" section in the website.

In order to provide coverage to the repair professionals, our spare parts have a 3-month warranty, even if it has been placed in the device, covering with it the mentioned period.


Warranty for repairs

1. All repairs or installations performed in any technical assistance service will be guaranteed under the conditions of this article.

2. The warranty gave by the technical assistance service must have a minimum validity of three months.

3. The guarantee period will be understood from the delivery date of the device and it will be valid as long as it has not been manipulated or repaired by third parties.

The guarantee is understood as the total of the repair performed, which will affect to all the expenses that may be incurred, such as transport fees, the displacement of the technicians, as far as they are included in the previous invoice, the necessary spare parts and materials, as well as the taxation imposed on this new operation.


1. For pre-owned Smartphones the warranty is 6 months from invoice date.

2. For new devices: Smartphone, Smartwatch, repair machinery, etc., the warranty is 2 years from the invoice date.

The client takes over the shipping cost of sending back a package while the company takes over the resending or replacing costs.

We have a product return service of 15 days from the invoice date. In order to be paid, the product must be in the same condition it was received and in perfect condition for sale, otherwise a deterioration charge will be applied.

For compatible iPhone screens, due to the high volatility of the product, the price paid will be the current in the market. For example, if you bought a screen 2 months ago the price to be paid will be the current one.

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, it will be essential that any return or RMA sent is perfectly packed and protected from possible blows in the transport, and must include the reason that caused the devolution. In addition, the RMA code must be attached to the package which will be responsibility of the client.


Spare parts

The spare parts will be guaranteed within the 3 months of warranty from the date of invoice, except the ones received in bad conditions, with glue on the edges (in this case a charge of 10€ will be applied in concept of cleaning the component, except for tablet touch screens), with any kind of tempered glass, the ones that have the screen, LCD, touch screen, flex or connectors damaged or have clear symptoms of bad manipulation. Also, the ones that have aesthetic damage, manipulated serial numbers or signals that they have been sulphated or wet.

For the Samsung spare parts (paying special attention to the screens) in addition to what was said above, it is crucial to send them back in the original box, the original bag and without glue residues. Otherwise, a 10€ + VAT discount will be applied to the product.

In case the item is out of warranty, either for having exceeded 3 months or for the cases described above, it will be sent in the next order to avoid more expenses in the transport. If after 3 months the material has not been sent, it will be sent back to freight collect. If the shipment is rejected by the customer, we will proceed to send it to a clean point. In any case, after 3 months from the completion of the RMA and until the delivery at the clean point, a charge of 1€ per day of storage will be applied.


Telephones or smartphones

All new phones have a 2 years warranty from the date of the invoice. In case the problem is identified in the first 15 days, an immediate replacement by another new terminal will be done. After 15 days, the terminal will be repaired in our facilities, with an average estimated time that should not exceed the 7 calendar days from the entry date of the terminal. If the terminal cannot be repaired, it will be exchanged for another with similar characteristics and conditions, although the colour may vary.

For pre-owned terminals the guarantee will be 6 months from the invoice date. In this case, all guarantees will be applied through the repair of the device.

In order to apply the guarantee of the mentioned terminals, the original box, chargers, cables and/or manuals must be included. Otherwise, a charge of 10€ + VAT will be discounted from the payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the device, whether new or pre-owned, is blocked, we will not proceed to the payment or exchange of these terminals until the customer provides the unlocking key.



Esmovil has a repair service for terminals, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

In order to use this service, you must contact one of our sales representatives indicating the model of the terminal and the failure, then we will estimate the cost of the repair and provide a budget.

The repair conditions are the following:

1. All repairs will be guaranteed for 3 months from the delivery date of the terminal. Except in the following cases:

a. Terminal with signs of being hit, crushed, grated, wet or due to uncontrollable causes.

b. Terminal with the guarantee seal manipulated or removed.

c. If the terminal has been manipulated by a different technical service than Esmovil.

2. Customers have the option, in most of the brands, of repairing the terminal with compatible or original spare parts.

3. Any part of the terminal that has been replaced will be available to the client when sending the repaired terminal.

4. To comply with the data protection law, all terminals are reset at the factory. The company will not be responsible of the data that the final client may have.

Esmovil will not be in charge of possible hidden faults not informed by the client, a fact that would imply the elaboration of a new repair budget.

6. For wet terminals, the recovery rate is 50%. However, the work must be completed to know if the terminal is working. Hence, a charge of 15,90€ will be applied regardless of success.

7. After one month from the communication to the customer that the terminal has been repaired, we will proceed to charge 1€ per each day of storage.

8. If a terminal is blocked and we do not have the code, the terminal cannot be tested, and consequently, repaired.